This 8-week course will guide you through weekly training sessions focused on two main single leg squat variations: the Shrimp Squat and the Pistol.
Weekly Training Sessions

This accessory-based program is designed to ensure you still get to do other activities you love. Each week you can expect to see:

  • 2 x Strength / Skills Sessions (Approx. 40-minutes each)
  • 1 x Flexibility / Mobility Session (Approx. 15-minutes each)

Guidance & Support

This easy-to-follow program includes clear directions and accompanying demo videos. Scaling options are provided if adaptations are needed.

Plus, you will be able to upload videos for Coaching review / feedback anytime! Ongoing messaging support provided.

Meet Your Coach

My name is Jenn Lymburner, Founder of J2N Fitness and Co-Owner of Strongnastics.

I grew up a gymnast, and bodyweight training has always (and continues) to provide such joy in my life. I love feeling strong and exploring all of the amazing things my body is capable of.

As a Coach, I continue to be passionate about not only teaching fun skills like shrimp squats and pistols, but ultimately helping my clients move their bodies better and discover how capable they really are, too.

This skills course is designed to help you not only work towards these specific skills, but also gain important strength, flexibility and control in the process that can improve day-to-day life and activities both in and out of the gym. I can't wait to watch your progress over the 8-weeks :)

Don't hesitate to connect over email at [email protected] or on Instagram anytime.